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Lighting design services

LED Showcase lighting

Call us to discuss how LEDs can make a huge difference. There are many new LED showcase lighting solutions available, they are not all created equal. We stand behind the particular LED products we sell with a 5 year guarantee.

LED Retrofit Bulbs

Simply changing over to the best qualty LED bulbs will save you money and bring in more traffic due to the reduced heat in your booth environment. We have studied and are continuing to study advances in LED technology and do hands on testing with all the major or legitimate new (guaranteed) brands. When switching to LED bulbs the payoff is 10/1 halogens being more expensive for the lifecycle.

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LED Wash lights

This new 18 watt LED warm white wash light replaces a 100 watt halogen wash light - 1100 lumens. Extremely durable and will last you years.

No UV no IR light emmited from LEDs safe for art and skin. No heat in your booth, save on electricity rental.

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Industry news: Facilities will be required to reduce electrical wattage consumed per sq. ft in the near future.

6 watt LED MR-16's that fit in our Displaybright focus lights

These bulbs far surpass what you may have seen from "bluish" LED bulbs.

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2013 is looking UP!!

This is the year many of you will be replacing overworked trade show equipment including your lights. Why not go LED rather than costly halogen? The investment is returned quicker in this industry where 500 watts can cost you $150.00 a show.

Your customers will see your forward thinking and be pleased to be in a cool booth to conduct business with you.

Our architectural lighting store

. Illuminée

Floor show

This little freestanding wash fixture packs a punch for its small size: 5-1/4" wide by 5-1/2" tall with a choice of 100,150 & 200 watt halogen bulbs. Wash lights

Show time

We attended one our customer's trade shows back in 2007 and saw aisles with booths within eyeshot of each other decked out with various versions and applications of our display lights. Each exhibitor seemed quite happy with the longevity of our products, some with over 16 years in constant use. Check out the various applications> 2007 SF Contemporary Craft Show.

More Focus Lights

New fixtures to choose from click here to see them.

Banner Stand / lightweight lights

A bannerstand light fixture DB 30183 to choose click here to see it.

From small to very large!!

No matter what your display lighting needs are call us! We came up with these custom 1,200 watt uplights in 2 weeks!! (click on image to enlarge)

585 watts total
Focus Showcase combo
5 Geolumen 75 wt.
1 Displaybright 50 wt. on corner of case
2 4' caselights 160 wt. ea

Lighting layouts

Check our Technical pages for detailed lighting suggestions.

Transit Cases

For the Superbright Wash Lights- this case will hold 12 top loaded lights for protection transport storage and inventory control. Other sizes for all our lights are available.

contact Hybrid Cases

"Mini" Light

A light that uses MR-16 Halogen bulbs in a wide array of beams and color temperatures. Originally designed to fit on "Abstracta" 1/2" dia frameworks. This light's small size only 6" long and versatilty may come in handy. Works with many of our other optional clamps. check our "focus" lights page for more info.

Tell us what you want.

Customer engineered

For Display/ Event lighting & design, we have been listening to your specific, sometimes last minute needs and desires. By doing this we have created many new product solutions from our stock components. We encourage you to review our constantly expanding offerings on our web site, then feel free to contact us to "design" a custom tailored solution for your project.

Halogen Wash Light Ban (Las Vegas CC only)
LVCVA Policy on Halogen Lighting (effective January 2003)
Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority
"Only 'Sealed Beam' covered halogen bulbs no more than 75 watts are deemed safe for use within the LVCC- Las Vegas Convention Center".

Why is LVCVA limiting the use of halogen lighting?
LVCVA has experienced several fire safety incidents arising from the use of stem and track mounted, halogen wash light fixtures attached to exhibit booths and where the fixtures utilize linear high wattage halogen bulbs. Typically these hazards arise from misuse and poor maintenance practices, rather than from any deficiency in the design of the fixture or the halogen bulb it contains.
We were just there in March and saw extensive use of wash lights at the Sands Expo. Perhaps you should check with your show's management to be sure if your specific exhibit hall allows halogen wash lights or not. We can provide rental halogen lighting that IS approved for use in Las Vegas.

We have not encountered any similar restrictions any where else - but many companies may be planning to exhibit in Vegas. After all, it has the largest number of shows nationwide.

Check out our new LED washlight which CAN be used anywhere!

General Service Exhibit Contractors

We offer custom variations on our stock models for orders over 50 pcs. Check out the link below for more info. Perhaps we have an interesting UL listed fixture to add style to your projects.

More info

Unique variety of adapters.

Our wire grid adapter for 2 & 3" wire grid panels.Check the accessories page for a wide selection of stock mounting clamps and brackets.

Repair & refurbish.

Some of you may have a few Brightman lights that have been "well used" and no longer out on the road selling with you. We can repair and replace worn components for a modest charge and in quick order.

Powerful Tip!.

Don't forget to calculate and order extra "wattage" for you booth from your show's designated electrical contractor. Late orders, Show orders or being audited for wattage used at shows can be more expensive than a few of our lights. Typical booth power requirements range from the low end of 5 watts per square foot to an average of 10 watts and some use 15 watts/sq ft.

To learn more about lighting layouts and power consumption visit the booth layouts page in our Technical Dept. online.

Instruction sheets.

We have the instruction sheets for all of our lights in a downloadable PDF format on our "Technical" Menu online .

Freight Charges.

When you make an order online there is a basic freight calculating system that is used to calculate your freight. There are times when the amount you are shown online, is different than what UPS charges us. Please be assured that the amount charged to your credit card is not necessarily the shipping charge on your online order copy. We charge exactly what is billed to our account. Customers may provide UPS acct. number in the comment field when making online orders.
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Hardwire Wall Mount.

For custom exhibits, galleries or residential use..

Expanded Hours.

We are open from 8:00 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time six days a week for personalized service.

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